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Ayahuasca Con La Puma Negra

Check out Ayahuasca tours and healing with Maestro Enrique Flores, his daughter Maestra Magdalena Flores, and their family at

Society for the Study of Shamanism

A Non-Profit Educational Organization

The Society for Shamanism, Healing and Transformation is dedicated to offer public education in shamanism, contemporary disciplines and healing modalities for enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, humanity and planet earth.

  • To offer an annual conference on shamanism, healing and transformation.
  • To provide a forum in which a deeper dialogue may take place about healing, transformation of consciousness and wholeness on a personal, communal and planetary level.
  • To invite indigenous Shamans from diverse cultures and traditions to share their practices.
  • To honor healers and Shamans from various traditions including the scientific and visual and performing arts.
  • To educate the public about the importance of Shamanism and healing in today’s societies.
  • To explore new ways of healing that are emerging in the 21st Century.
  • To support and endorse friendships and collaboration of healers across a wide spectrum of society.
  • To publish ReVision, a journal highlighting healing practices and healers from various traditions.
  • To maintain a website,, to educate the public about shamanism and healing practices.

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Luna Therapy

Mandy Daughtery, L.M.T

A great healer in her own right, Mandy Daughtery is one of the best massage therapists in town--Austin, Texas. Her in-depth training in Flo-Massage with its indigenous roots, her kundalini yoga training, and her lengthy experience as a massage therapist only add to her practice and your relaxation.

Check her out at

Sustainable Dreaming

Indigenous cultures + creativity + sustainability

Sustainable Dreaming - connecting Indigenous, earth-based wisdoms and emerging sustainable practices through projects and people.

They are a collective of artists & cultural ambassadors that work across various fields, towards a common goal – co-creating a healthy future by utilizing new andsustainable innovations whilst honoring and learning from the cultures and custodians who have come before us.

They offer creative workshops, media production & training, event work, retreats and much more.

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Keepers Of The Sacred Tradition Of Pipemaking

The Keepers are a great group of folks who have really big hearts who spend their time protecting a sacred site when they are not traveling the world teaching or sharing old ways.

Contact them

Check them out at

Wolfbat Studios

A true shaman in his own right, Dennis McNett is a kind man with much to give. His art and heart leave one wanting more, and, yet, fully satiated by his love in service to the Creator.

Check it all out at

Lucien Shapiro

A truly gifted and talented artist, Lucien Shapiro brings not only the dead back to life but also tends to the flock while doing so.

Check out his work at

The Divorce Exchange

Nils Juul-Hansen, the Dapper Dane as some may call him, is a wise old soul with much to offer. When he is not out riding his vintage motorcycle or shooting nice photography, he's helping people cultivate HYGGE before,  during, and after a divorce to ensure its done well for the sake of your children and your sanity.

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